Memories Of Lewis Grizzard

Today I thought of Lewis Grizzard.  If you are young…or northern, you may need to know that he was a columnist for an Atlanta newspaper.  Sort of a southern Will Rogers.  He also was a speaker of some renown who didn’t wear socks.  He wrote books with strange titles such as, Elvis is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Hot Myself and They Tore Out My Heart and Stomped That Sucker Flat.  (Maybe that one was inspired by one or more of his four marriages.)  In his column he often wrote about Georgia Football and his dog, Catfish.  He made us laugh.  Unfortunately, he died in 1994 at age 47 after his fourth open heart surgery.   lewis grizzard

He mentioned food often…and told us about a place in Social Circle, Georgia that served some of the best fried green tomatoes in the South.  We traveled in Georgia a lot in those days; they have nice state parks.  They were reasonably priced, often had a golf course, a lodge for our non-camping friends and a nice campground for us.  One day we were headed toward Atlanta after a stay in one of those parks and lo and behold, there on the map (this was before our first cellphone) was Social Circle on our route.  We stopped in time for lunch.  It was a buffet style meal in a big old white house with a beautiful staircase in the front hall.  It was a little pricey, too, as I remember.  But the only thing I remember about the food was a delicious chicken and dumpling soup.  Which brings me to the reason I thought of Lewis Grizzard today.  Since Thanksgiving I have had a steady diet of turkey sandwiches.  This evening, as a change, I made some Social Circle turkey and dumplin’ soup.  I’d like to tell you what a wonderful trip that was down memory lane.  Too bad I didn’t have more broth.  While I was doing other things, my dumplings stuck to the bottom of the pan and ruined my soup.  And now I have to clean the bottom of that pan…but just thinking about Lewis Grizzard and Catfish still makes me laugh.

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