It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village

It takes a Village.  How true.

We almost always go to lunch together after our Thursday golf scrambles.  As I left the restaurant in my golf cart it felt cooler and I tugged on my unzipped jacket to try to pull it together under my seatbelt.  Later I was to learn that this had apparently caused my cell phone to exit my pocket and fall to the cart path.  At home I found a tiny green anole resting on the bedroom floor.  I deemed him a priority because on Thanksgiving, a week earlier, Lexie, a visiting Dachshund, had chased him under the pantry door and he hadn’t been seen since.  So I was busy herding him into a scrub bucket with my dust mop (I didn’t want to hurt him but, like cats, they don’t herd easily).  But I digress.  By the time I had dumped him gently onto the patio and added some water nearby in case he was dehydrated, a neighbor was at my door asking if I had lost my cellphone.  A wonderful, kind and honest lady had found it near the restaurant and was bringing it to me.  Of course, I hadn’t had time to miss it but was so relieved to know it was coming home.  I learned later that she called my neighbor’s phone after seeing a message she (my across-the-street-neighbor) had left me earlier in the day.   it takes a village

After what seemed like an overly long wait for the KindLadyFinder’s arrival, I went across the street just in time to hear neighbor answering her phone again.  The KindLadyFinder said she was hopelessly lost.  I talked to her to learn where she was and told her I would be right there.  Villagers are the BEST.  She wouldn’t take a reward but asked me to “pay it forward”.  I agreed.

Phone safely in purse, I continued on to do an errand at Wal Mart thinking how fortunate I had been.  Before I was out of the cart my sister called from another state.  She had been the last person I had called so that screen appeared when the KindLadyFinder checked my phone.  She is also ill and said she couldn’t immediately remember my address nor where she had it.  She said she had called my Son #2, who called his wife.  Then she called her Care-Giver who called another of my sons (Son #3).  Still in the cart in Wal Mart’s parking lot, I got a call from Care-Giver.  She told me I should call Son #3 because he was worried about me losing my phone.  While on the phone with Son #3, I got a call-waiting signal.  Another neighbor had been called by Wife of Son #2 and she (neighbor) was at my house to tell me they were trying to reach me.

Later that evening Son #2 called to see if all was well.  (He also arranged for Son #4 to call me and tell me that a stranger had asked him for the address of his elderly mother in Florida and he had refused to give it to them……but that’s just the way they are and I’m used to it.)  We then all agreed that the African proverb “It takes a Village” applies not only to children but to seniors as well.

Let’s see now, who wrote a book by that title???  Hmmmm.

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