Giving Thanks In The Villages

Giving Thanks.

Thanksgiving, 2016……most of us are thinking of getting clean sheets on the guestroom beds, thawing the turkey, putting leaves in the table, running to the store for celery and more cinnamon……just all the things it takes to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Be sure to save time for giving thanks.  We all have blessings too numerous to be counted easily but let’s try.  I’m thankful for those early pilgrims and their commitment to finding a wonderful place to live and worship God.  All the Patriots who followed and fought for our freedoms during wars and challenges the country has faced are to be praised and deserve our eternal Thanks

Thanks to God for allowing me to be born into a stable Christian home where morals were important and parents were teaching us their values by living admirable lives.

I am so grateful for my life-mate.  We met and married very young but survived the early learning period because we loved each other.  We were together for almost 59 years and I hope to be him with again in Heaven.  We have five sons and I am so proud and thankful for each of them and their wives who continue to support me with anything I need.  Grandchildren are a reward, any way you look at it, and I have been rewarded generously and have now lived long enough to be getting to know another generation to love.

We lived in a number of places over the years and have always cherished the support we found in churches and from church people.  A good church if a great blessing and we shouldn’t take for granted our freedom of religion in America.  A good community is important, too and I am grateful for the places we have lived and the friends we’ve made in those communities.

One last thing, I am thankful for my health.  I am so aware that this is a blessing that many don’t share.  As a hospital volunteer I see many that could be me so I try to say thank you for each day as it happens.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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