My First Bus Tour In The Villages Florida

My first bus tour!  Over the years many friends and relatives have told me how great they are…no maps to fold, no driving on unknown roads in new places, no making reservations without knowing the area…yep, sounded good.  Except for maybe the loss of your independence.  I don’t think I’m a control freak but since retirement most of my travel has been in an RV.   Sometimes we would go 300 miles and sometimes we’d go only 30 if there was a nearby golf course or something we’d always wanted to see.  Anyway, things have changed, someone else is enjoying the freedom of the RV and my travel is pretty much limited to Southwest Airlines offerings.  bus tour

A couple of friends who often take bus trips invited a friend and me to join them on a Senior Adventures’ trip to Columbia SC, Ashville NC and Charleston SC over the course of 4 days.  The highlight was to be a visit to the Vanderbilt family’s Biltmore Mansion while it was decorated for Christmas.  We visited and toured the amazing home during the afternoon, had a wonderful dinner in a restaurant on the grounds then returned for an evening candlelight visit to the rooms on the main floor.  We were told there were 69 decorated Christmas trees..the dining room had four…and many beautiful poinsettias and other flower arrangements. Musical groups from the area provide Christmas music as you walk through the rooms.  It was wonderful.

Still, as the bus tour headed south from Charleston on the last cold gray day, most of us were glad to be headed back to Florida.  As we neared Jacksonville, we saw blue sky and finally, sunshine.  There’s no place like home!


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